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Premier Partner 


  1. Countertop Sketch

    • Complete a hand drawn or ​computer generated sketch of your counter top.

    • Locate the sink and all appliances. 

    • Provide measurements of the areas where you desire new counter top. 

  2. Design & Edge 

    • Chose a design from below. 

    • Decide on an edge profile.

    • If unsure, send us multiple designs & edges.

  3. Submit Form

    • Send us the sketch, by uploading it to the form.

    • List any details you would like us to know.

 Cambria Quartz 


Bring in or email a sketch

of your kitchen to us. Then select the Cambria design for your new countertop, with our in house designers. 


Once you have selected the Cambria design, the next step is to do a laser template. This ensures a perfect fit.


Your new Cambria countertop gets installed. What a difference a

day can make!

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